Blake family marches in Kenosha, decision on charges for officer looms

NOW: Blake family marches in Kenosha, decision on charges for officer looms

KENOSHA, Wis (CBS 58) -- Jacob Blake’s family and supporters took to the streets of Kenosha Monday, Jan. 4, in anticipation of charges against the officer who shot him seven times in the back and left him paralyzed.

“We want people to stand up and make noise tonight," Blake's uncle, Justin, said. "We want people all over this country to get up and make some noise tonight.”

Officer Rusten Sheskey’s attorney says Blake was armed with a knife, was attempting a kidnapping and that Sheskey knew Blake was wanted by police.

Blake’s father said he wants Sheskey charged with attempted murder.

“He tried to kill my son," Jacob Blake Sr. said. "He didn’t want to take my son down. He tried to kill my son, and could have killed my grandchildren.”

Police were called that night by the mother of Blake’s children, who told police her boyfriend should not be there.

She had previously filed a complaint that led to felony domestic abuse charges against Blake.

“The media has been trying to use his background as an excuse for the bullets that he got to his back, and there is no excuse for that because he’s a human, regardless of what his background may be,” protester Ventae Parrow said.

Demonstrators held a candlelight vigil following their march.

Justin Blake said the group is not finished.

“Officer Sheskey needs to be fired, indicted, have his day in court, and convicted. And until we get that as the Blake family, we’re not leaving Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

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