Black Friday shoppers pull all-nighter, do it for friendship

The National Retail Federation says 140 million Americans will shop online or in stores over this Thanksgiving weekend. Mayfair Mall officially opened the doors at 6 am Friday however that didn't stop people from getting in here on Thanksgiving night.

\"I have plenty of energy. I'm going strong. There's no worry,\" Sarah Beilke said.

Energy is important when you've been awake for 24 hours. Beilke and two of her college friends are powering through Mayfair Mall. It's all part of the Black Friday shopping experience for some people.

\"I think it's because of the friendship, because my friends are here so I'm here,\" Rachel Davis said.

\"It's just like an enjoyable time and we're not like really stressed or trying to find this one thing, it's just more to hangout,\" Beilke added.

The group of three started Thanksgiving night and were planning to keep going through Friday.

\"This is the first time in Milwaukee [for Black Friday] so this is kind of new,\" Zoe Heis said. \"We don't even know if we're going to go to sleep tonight. We might just stay up until tomorrow and go to bed early tomorrow.\"

They weren't searching for specific deals, just browsing any store that stayed open all night.

\"We didn't even really know if we were going to buy anything but everything is like 50 percent off,\" Heis said.

\"I was looking for gifts for my family and friends and I ended up buying some stuff for myself too,\" Davis said.

Don't worry if you weren't one of those who came out this morning to any of the malls in Southeast Wisconsin. Mayfair Mall will keep its doors open until 10 o'clock Friday night.

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