Bill Clinton: Stop the Ebola 'blame game'

When it comes to Ebola, former President Bill Clinton says politicians and the media need to quit playing the \"blame game.\"

Clinton, who was on the campaign trail in his home state of Arkansas, called on Sunday for politicians to stop taking to the airwaves to pin blame on others and instead work together to find solutions.

\"Now I have been especially dismayed in the last few days by people who don't know a lick about it are frantically trying to fill certain elements in the media with its blame game over the Ebola crisis,\" Clinton said. \"So, what we all need to do is do what we all do best every time a tornado strikes. We need to settle down, figure out what the challenges are, and solve them together.\"

Clinton also said the Dallas hospital where two nurses became infected with Ebola after treating the first casualty of the disease on U.S. soil \"is a really fine hospital as far as we know\" and was simply \"not quite ready\" to deal with the deadly disease.

The former president also defended the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, saying the only mistake the agency really made was when an official told one of the Dallas nurses that she could safely get on a plane despite being in close contact with Duncan. She would later come down with the virus.

But Clinton, whose foundation has health care workers stationed in Liberia, said the CDC's work has been crucial in West Africa.

\"They say if it wasn't for the CDC it would be 100 times worse than it is,\" Clinton said. \"We need to save every life we can and prevent this thing from coming to America. That's what we need to do.\"

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