Big Interest in Weather-Related Careers

There seems to be a growing number of job options in the field of meteorology beside television.  In fact, only about 8% of those in weather-related professions actually work on-air, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

Jobs in atmospheric sciences can be found in areas of analyzing weather data and futures, emergency and risk management, and research.  Weather-related jobs are also available at major corporations, airlines, and insurance companies.  Some also work in instrument development. 

The BLS says employment in the realm of weather is expected to increase about 10% in the next seven years.  A four-year bachelor's degree in meteorology or atmospheric science is recommended.  The experts say while math and science is important, possible employers are also looking for workers with strong skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and oral and written communication. 

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