Big Gig sees bigger crowds for second weekend

NOW: Big Gig sees bigger crowds for second weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Attendance looked to be up Friday, Sept. 10, at Summerfest for the second weekend of the 2021 festival.

Although Summerfest doesn't put out their official numbers until after the Big Gig's over, eye-witness reports indicated that larger numbers of people were on the festival grounds than were seen last weekend.

No matter the crowd size, Summerfest is set for another weekend of events, more great weather, and live music on the lakefront.

"Sugarland and we're waiting for the Nelly show. Have you guys ever seen Nelly before? Oh yea, three times," said Mary Huntington of Iowa.

From the early shows where people came to relax under a shady tree.

"It's awesome. It's hot in the sun, but it's really nice and breezy over here," said Rebecca Jastroch of West Allis.

The later shows had attendees up and dancing at the stages throughout the grounds.

"I think they're great, brings me back to like when I was in junior high listening to Violent Femms and whatever, I'm really freaking old right now but it's awesome. I love it," said Scott Smith of Illinois.

"They're amazing. Oh my, I'm having so much fun, they're playing a lot of music from my genre. My mom and her friends are like….I'm like, come on, this is fun singing old lyrics," said Stephanie Stead of Dodgeville.

The weather was great for newcomers, and those who've been here for years rocked on.

"I've been here for German Fest. First time for Summerfest, the best people are awesome. The weather's awesome," said Shari Greco of Illinois.

"We were coming here in the early 70's when we could bring coolers full of beer in, camp out at whatever stage we were gonna watch and we would just get there early and that would be our spot. And it was great back then, still is great, love coming here," said Linus Lalor of Racine.

From music to food and games, attendees said that Summerfest knocked it out of the park today.

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