Big Changes Along I-894 Northbound Start Today

Good news if you travel between the Hale and Zoo Interchanges for the morning commute. By 5 a.m. the Hwy 100 on ramp to I-43 at the Hale Interchange will reopen following a long term closure for reconstruction.  Also reopening at the same time will be the National Ave. on ramp to I-894 northbound.  Finally the Zipper Merge between National Ave. and Greenfield Ave. will be lifted.  However, there will be some further changes along that same stretch of roadway as well.

The Greenfield Ave. on ramp heading northbound will reopen but only have access to I-94 eastbound.  Access to I-41/US-45 won’t take place until the Fall 2017. Access from Lincoln Ave. to I-894 north will remain closed until the Fall 2017 as well.

Decision points will also be moved up nearly a mile along I-894 north to both the I-94 eastbound and I-94 westbound system ramps.  Take note that access to the I-94 westbound system ramp will move to the right hand lane. Traffic wanting to continue through the Zoo in the northbound direction will want to remain on the left hand side.

Be sure to follow @ABrovelli and watch the CBS 58 Morning News for the latest on the Zoo Interchange Project and other construction projects throughout southeastern WI.  

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