Big Boat Day at McKinley Marina

Friday was \"Big Boat Day\" at McKinley Marina in Milwaukee.

The annual tradition of bringing sailboats out of storage and hoisting them into the water was featured on \"Our Stories with Michele\" a regular feature bringing a complete perspective of the place we call home.

15 sailboats were placed into the water on this day, smaller vessels will follow in the days and weeks ahead.

\"People are very sick of the cold and the winter,\" Peter Rieck of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center told CBS 58 News. \"They're looking forward to getting out on the water. They're a hearty group  because of the short time frame you do get. So, bundle up, dress in layers and enjoy the beautiful lake that Milwaukee has.\"

Boaters saw the break in the clouds and comparatively warmer temperatures as a good sign for the boating season ahead.

Once the boats are in the water, there's still a lot of work that has to be done from the rigging to the sails.

Still there was a sense a weight had been lifted. It was time to journey through this right of passage, this right of spring.

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