Biden leading Trump in Wisconsin in latest CBS News poll

NOW: Biden leading Trump in Wisconsin in latest CBS News poll

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll is out and it has former Vice President Joe Biden with a slight lead over President Donald Trump in Wisconsin.

That poll shows a five-percentage point split, overall, between the two candidates.

In the Badger State, 51% to 46% of likely voters were in favor of Joe Biden.

But the gaps are much wider in some areas.

“We’re doing really well. I wish you had a republican governor because frankly you’ve got to open your state up, you’ve got to open it up, you’ve got to open it up," the President told voters at a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin on Saturday, October 17.

A large percentage of polled voters say the economy a big factor in their decision to choose the President.

Yet, just 19% of them believe he has helped Wisconsin contain the Coronavirus.

“Yet, the other night, Trump said at one of his rallies, we've turned the corner. Turned the corner? Things are getting worse. He continues to lie to us about the circumstances," former Vice President Joe Biden told voters in North Carolina.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate campaigned in the state on Sunday, October 18.

With just more than two weeks until the election, both candidates are fiercely eyeing Wisconsin.

“If Biden were to lose Wisconsin could he still put together enough to win the Electoral College? Probably, yes. But probably not, President Trump," Mordecai Lee, political expert and University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin professor emeritus, said.

CBS News reported that Democrats are currently leading Wisconsin in returning their absentee ballots early.

However, many Republicans plan to cast their ballots in-person, on Election Day.

“It looks like it’s the absentee ballots versus the in-person, and the early voting in-person, is not going to be as big a deal in terms of setting the results," Lee said.

In Wisconsin, early, in-person voting starts on Tuesday, October 20.

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