Being Cold Could Possibly Be Contagious

New research reveals there's a new way to get the chills. Just look at another person who's cold. A study done by scientists from the University of Sussex gathered 36 people and showed them a series of videos, some showing hands submerged in ice water. Those who saw this video in particular had colder hands themselves.

Scientists explain this as something called \"inter-subjectivity.\" It happens when one person's physiology or psychology syncs up with another's. This way, we can better understand a person's motivations and how they're feeling. It's a form of human nature, in other words.

Meantime, a research team from Stanford University has announced a new kind of fabric, perhaps eliminating the need for indoor heating altogether. It holds heat through tiny silver wires while allowing moisture to escape. The fabric can be heated to more than 100 degrees with less than a volt of power.

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