Bed bugs to close Racine Public Library on Friday

NOW: Bed bugs to close Racine Public Library on Friday

The Racine County Library has bed bugs. They plan on closing later this week to take care of the problem.

Despite the report of bed bugs in the library, business continued as normal. But come Friday their doors will be closed for a deep inspection.

Six thousand people a week walk through the library’s doors, according to the director, Jessica MacPhail.

Recently two additional items were left behind.

“We found 2 bed bugs here at the library,” says MacPhail. “One was at the circulation area, we think it was on a returned item, and the second one was on a returned DVD.”

“I’m kind of surprised to hear that,” says Melanie Scheutte, who frequents the library with her daughter at least once a week.

“Any time you’re in a public place seems like you’re going to come across things like that,” says Scheutte.

The moment the discovery was made staff contacted the Racine Health Department.

“We took our little plastic bag with the bug in it and they went, yeah! That’s a bed bug,” describes MacPhail.

Since then signs have been posted throughout the building advising patrons of their closure this Friday, September 15th.

“We’re having the library sniffed by a K-9 dog unit,” says MacPhail.

It’s a method with a 98% success rate. Positive results will then determine the type of treatment needed, dust or spray.

“I’m glad that they’re addressing it and I’m sure they’re going to go to whatever measures they have to take to clean-up,” says Scheutte.

Regular hours will continue tomorrow and the library will reopen Saturday at 11 A.M. Any items due back Friday are being extended for an extra day. Staff says that’s normal protocol when they are closed.

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