"Because of Godzilla powers:" Meet the 10-year-old boy giving the Brewers the power to win

NOW: “Because of Godzilla powers:“ Meet the 10-year-old boy giving the Brewers the power to win


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Brewers are tapping into monster power. One local boy's gift is inspiring the Crew.

"If Brewers are up, he faces this way. If they're not up, he faces the back," said Nigel Ayala.

Meet Ayala. At just 10-years-old, he's one of the biggest Brewers fans. He loves the Brewers.

"My friends. They're my friends."

And he loves Godzilla.

"MechaGodzilla, Zilla."

He's helped his friends get far this season by giving them Godzilla powers.

He started gifting some of the mini-monsters to players at a special meet-and-greet back in January at Brewers on Deck.

It was organized for Ayala and his classmates, who like Nigel, are all on the autism spectrum.

As the season progressed, he handed out more of the figurines, dozens, 70 to be exact.

So when they hit a slump back in August, he found a way to help.

"I had to give them Godzilla's because they were losing. Because then all of a sudden they were not having Godzilla powers and then all of a sudden BOOM, they have Godzilla powers now."

Each Godzilla has its own special power-freezing, burning, or even healing. Just like the one he gifted to Steven Vogt to help with his shoulder injury.

"I keep both of them here. He gave me two healing Godzilla's because you know my shoulder's been hurt all year," said Steven Vogt, Brewers catcher.

Baseball is a sport with a long history of superstition. Ayala has his Godzilla but the players do now too. 

"He's definitely a big support for our group and on our end, so definitely to have the Godzilla power that's huge on our part. So as long as we have that on our side, we have him on our side, that's what it means," said Josh Hader.

Ayala says sometimes the Godzilla powers need to be reactivated so he gave the team their own so they can power up even when they're on the road.

"If we're struggling with the bats, or struggling with pitching, he gave us a big Godzilla to share down by the dugout so we'll position Godzilla a little differently if the inning's not going well."

Rest-assured Ayala is ready for their next big game, every pitch, every swing, and all the Godzilla Powers matter much more now than in the regular season. 

"Yeah, absolutely, we wouldn't have been able to do it without Godzilla that's for sure."

"Actually, I got my Godzilla right there. So you know, definitely we carry them every day so he definitely gives us all the power."

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