Buyers Beware: BBB Wisconsin warns Bucks fans of ticket scams

Buyers Beware: BBB Wisconsin warns Bucks fans of ticket scams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- BBB Wisconsin is warning Bucks fans against playoff ticket scams. According to the BBB, large sports events often attract scammers looking to make money off of unsuspecting fans.

Bucks fan Brian Diederichs says he might buy a playoff ticket online, but he’ll use caution.

“Have someone reputable, not someone on the street who might have photocopied it,” Diederichs said.

The BBB says scammers use big sporting events to sell fake tickets and expect criminals will be selling fake tickets for the Bucks playoffs.

“Proceed with caution when it comes to buying tickets,” says Jim Temmer, CEO and president of the Better Business Bureau serving Wisconsin. “The Bucks haven’t won a championship since 1971, so tickets are in extra high demand. Unfortunately, many consumers often fall victim to ticket scams. When buying, proceed with caution. Don’t let con artists foul up your plans.”

The BBB says tickets scams are easy to spot by low prices on good seats, third-party sellers with no guarantees or phony websites that look like legitimate sites. If you use a third party, use a company that’s reputable like Ticketmaster of StubHub.

The BBB says fake tickets can often have misspellings, low-resolution graphics or even a seat number that doesn’t actually exist. If you do buy tickets, they suggest using a credit card, because they’ll typically limit the amount you’ll have to pay if it’s a legitimate scam.

If you are buying tickets from a third-party, experts suggest asking for pictures of the tickets to confirm they are the seats you are buying and researching the ticket or the seller.  Official Bucks tickets are for sale here.

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