BBB: Consumers nationwide lose more than $150,000 to Wisconsin-based company

BBB: Consumers nationwide lose more than $150,000 to Wisconsin-based company

SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – The Better Business Bureau says in the last five months, around 150 people have lost more than $150,000 to a Wisconsin-based company.

According to the BBB, the company, 30 Day Success Formula, uses three addresses in Oak Creek, Kenosha and Mount Pleasant.

“I want you to be part of the success everyone is experiencing with they sign up for 30 Day Success Formula,” says an audio recording that was heard when CBS 58 called the company’s Kenosha phone number.

It goes on to promise you can earn thousands of dollars when you become a member for a fee.

“I just went in on it at the level of ($)350,” says Jessica who lives in Milwaukee and bought her by-in back in May. “My goal was to at least just make my money back. I figured it would be fine.”

The only so said product people report receiving when they join are flyers to help recruit others into the program.

If by 90 days people don’t receive at least their initial investment back, the company would refund their money.

“They kind of do the work for you,” says Jessica. “It’s kind of what you’re paying for. They kept coming up with excuses to not get my letters out so that was an issue.”

“This business has the classic technique of a pyramid scheme where they are requesting that people send money to them with the promise of rewards down the line, and there is nothing there,” says Jim Temmer, CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin.

The BBB has received complaints from 38 states, including Puerto Rico. People have reported losing between $89 -$12,500.

As part of the deal, people were asked to send in only cash via overnight delivery.

“You have to take a good look at things because what is happening is that people are losing a lot of money that they probably can’t afford to lose in the first place,” says Temmer.

“Just take your time and do some research,” says Jessica. “Check with the BBB, ask around, and use your gut instinct.”

We reached out to the company via email but have yet to hear back on the these claims.

If you feel you’ve fallen victim to this scam or any others, reach out to the BBB and report it.

 You can do so here.

The BBB asks anyone who thinks they are a victim of 30 Day Success Formula to file a complaint.

Consumers can also report scams on the BBB website.

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