Bayshore Town Center Revamp: New amenities could include housing, ice rink, restaurants

NOW: Bayshore Town Center Revamp: New amenities could include housing, ice rink, restaurants

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) --- Big changes could be coming to the Bayshore Town Center. The $75M makeover would turn the Glendale mall into an activity hub.  

The Bayshore Town Center in Glendale has struggled over the years as Boston Store, Sears and their movie theater all closed. Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy said he is excited for the big changes in the works.

“Less of a focus on retail, which is has been for the last, well since it's been built in the 1950's. Bayshore would become more of a community center,” Mayor Kennedy said.

The revamped Bayshore Town Center would have hotels, apartments, offices, restaurants, and an ice skating rink in the winter and fire pit in the summer. People shopping on Thursday seem to like the idea.

“I think it would bring more people with families, especially an ice rink,” Heidi of Port Washington said.

Shopper Latasha Carney said her family would enjoy the new amenities.

“Something different, keep the kids out of trouble keep the families together,” Carney said.  

Mayor Kennedy said the center needs to be more than just about shopping to bring people in.

“So many people shop online now, we're seen a number of major retailers nationally, it isn't just a Bayshore issue,” Mayor Kennedy said. “People do want to live close to restaurants and close to entertainment or close to shopping.”

Even in its early stages, shoppers would like to see developers keep the community in mind.

“Change is good, as long as it's beneficial to the community,” Carney said. “If you put the households in the community and no one can afford to live in them then guess what? Back to square one.”

The plan needs to be approved by both the Common Council and Community Development Authority.  

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