Bay View gets a "green" bar called "Lost Whale" & Lakefront Brewery now has a food truck

NOW: Bay View gets a “green“ bar called “Lost Whale“ & Lakefront Brewery now has a food truck

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--A new Bay View bar is one part liquor and one part being environmentally savvy.  The Lost Whale, near Becher and KK, is all about reducing and reusing, everything from paper or corn based straws to recycled cups.  Dehydrated fruit is even used in some of the drinks.

One of the co-owners says being green ends up saving the customers money as well.

On weekends you’ll find a food truck from Iron Grate in the back of Lost Whale.  And speaking of food trucks Lakefront Brewery has its own called the “Curd Wagon.” You can find everything from cheese curds to brats to beer.  Just as you might expect.  The truck has actually been around since Memorial Day but has only been stationed at Lakefront itself.  In the coming weeks, it's on the move. 

To find out where the Lakefront Brewery food truck will be, just follow Lakefront's Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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