Bat tests positive for rabies in Milwaukee

A bat has tested positive for rabies in Milwaukee, according to the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

A resident captured the bat in a park because it looked ill.

The bat was found in South Shore Park.

This is the first bat to test positive for rabies in Milwaukee. According to the State, there have been six bats positive for rabies statewide this year.

Rabies can be transmitted from the animal to humans through a bite, scratch or saliva.

Rabies treatment for humans is available.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department reminds area residents to take precaution around wild or stray animals. Health officials advise safely capturing and containing the animal until a public health official or physician can be consulted.

To report human exposure to a bat or animal that may have rabies, contact your local public health department. In the city of Milwaukee, call (414) 286-3521. For more information, visit

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