Barista issues her account of fatal Red Arrow Park Shooting

MILWAUKEE-A Starbuck's barista is telling her own account of last Wednesday's fatal shooting in Red Arrow Park.

She declined to go on camera but posted the account she says she gave to police on the \"Occupy Riverwest\" website

She says two other officers were the first to respond that day to a call by her co-worker that Dontre Hamilton was sleeping close by and making the workers feel uncomfortable.

She says she saw the officers speak with Dontre Hamilton around 1 p.m. for about five minutes and left. There was no conflict.

She says a co-worker called again and the same two officers returned to tell the workers that Hamilton wasn't doing anything illegal and they should stop calling police to have him removed.

It was then at 3:30 p.m. she heard yelling and saw Hamilton standing  with the regular foot patrol officer.  Hamilton had the officer's baton.

She says the officer lunged for the baton and Hamilton's response was \"defensive.\"

The barista says when the officer failed to get his baton, he reached for his sidearm.

She says she never heard the officer issue any verbal commands.

She says she counted ten shots in quick succession.

She also acknowledges that she didn't the exchange between the men when Milwaukee Police say Hamilton struck the officer on the head with the baton.

The State Department of Justice is part of the investigation into the officer's actions.

Hamilton's family told CBS 58 that he did suffer from paranoia.

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