Ballpark pup Hank dazzles fans at first Miller Park debut

MILWAUKEE- He's cute, he's furry and he's captured the attention of the nation.

Tuesday, hundreds of Brewer fans and animal lovers got their first chance to meet Hank the \"Ballpark Pup.\"

Nearly a month ago, Hank was a homeless dog who wandered onto the Brewers field during spring training in Phoenix.

He stole the hearts of baseball players and is now the most talked about member of the team.

A Brewers executive and her family have adopted the dog, but Hank is not forgetting where he comes from.

He's using his new found fame to raise money for other stray dogs in need of a loving home.

His personalized line of merchandise went on sale Tuesday and 20% of each item sold benefits the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Items are also being sold at the Brewers training home in Phoenix to benefit the Arizona Humane Society.

Fans can purchase any and all Hank gear through the baseball season. 

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