Bail Revoked after Man Pleads Guilty to Fatally Shooting a Man over Being Rear Ended

A car accident that resulted in a fatal shooting ended with a plea deal in a Milwaukee courtroom.

Octavia Dodson plead guilty to second degree murder.

In exchange a penalty enhancer of use of a dangerous weapon was dropped.

It was back in March that Dodson was rear ended on Milwaukee's North Side and then drove around the area looking for the driver who did it.

It was a short time later that he encountered that person Deshaun Freemon and shot him three times.

It was galling to the victim’s family that the accused got bail something that changed.

“I know the defendant has been out on bail. I know that he's been compliant with the terms of his release. Those are factors the court can look at in fashioning any kind of sentence. However, given that he's now convicted of a class B felony, this court finds that it's appropriate to remand the defendant,” said Judge M. Joseph Donald, Milwaukee County.

And since Dodson is not a U.S. citizen he could be deported.

He originally told police he thought the victim had a gun, but the criminal complaint says no weapon but the defendant's was ever found.

Freeman was the brother of Tamecca Perry, another Milwaukee murder victim who's accused killer was finally captured after being put on the FBI's most wanted list.

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