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Bacteria spreading at pools, schools, and daycare centers

MILWAUKEE -- Stomach cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting, not exactly a fun day at the pool, but health department officials are warning about a bacterial outbreak called shigellosis at area Milwaukee pools and schools.

Milwaukee's Health Department says kids not fully potty trained with a bought of diarrhea may be spreading bacteria.

It's passed in food, on diaper changing tables, and water. Daycare centers and schools are also hot spots for catching the bacteria. The number of cases are growing to 62 this year, when 2013 only had 11 all year.

Symptoms could last up to a week, that's why basic things like washing your hands, sanitizing your changing table, and not allowing children in the pool who have had diarrhea in the last week will reduce the ability of the bacteria to spread.




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