Baby Boom at the Racine Zoo

RACINE-- Crowds turned out to meet some new additions to the Racine Zoo.  There's \"Mini,\" the skunk, \"Sunny,\" the woodchuck, and the littlest of them all-- \"Ursula,\" the octopus.

\"We are so excited to see the baby octopus and all the other babies that have been born the spring,\" said Rebecca Mason, who took her children to meet all the new baby animals Thursday night.

There's been a bit of a baby boom with the Racine Zoo.

\"I like to think maybe the cold winter did have some positive effect & this was one of them,\" said Jay Christie, President/CEO of the Racine Zoo.

The zoo usually gets two or three new babies each year-- this year, they got around ten.

\"We've transitioned one of our areas into a baby animal nursery,\" said Christie.

A sign of growth for the community zoo.

\"It's one of the best assets we have here in Racine,\" said Mason.

Zoo officials say all the baby animals are here to stay, many will be part of Racine Zoo's education programs.


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