Avery Files Appeal Asking for Mistrial; His Family Creates Website

Steven Avery filed an appeal asking a judge to throw out his conviction for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, according to TMZ.

Avery says the jurors were tainted, because one juror made repeated comments that he was guilty.

Avery said the juror in question also told the other jurors, “If you can’t handle it why don’t you tell them and just leave.”

Avery, also, claims the search that found the key to Halbach’s vehicle exceeded the limits set by the search warrant.

He, also, claimed Halbach’s vehicle was not properly sealed with tamper-proof tape, allowing copes to open and close the doors and plant evidence.

Avery, also, claimed his lawyer at the time was incompetent.

Avery is asking the Court of Appeals to declare a mistrial.

Manitowoc County Clerk of Courts told CBS 58  that Avery who was representing himself at the time filed an appeal on December 3 and they have received no paperwork or calls for files since then.

The family of Avery allegedly created a website to raise funds for his legal defense.

The website has a posted family statement and photos from Monday:

The family went to visit Steven yesterday to confirm and discuss in person some developments.
After traveling the winter Wisconsin roads and talking to family they would like to pass this statement to the many supporters, Carla Chase's message:

"We went to visit Steven yesterday & he has confirmed that he is letting Kathleen Zellner take his case. He wants to thank all the supporters out there & for all the letters he has been receiving. He has a positive attitude that this will all work out."

We will try to do more updates and site development this week and add more content, a live chat room is in the works, and with as many pages passing false information and false donation details they want things posted on pages the family supports, trusts and everything  in recognized places to help stop the rumors, lies, mistakes and misunderstandings to stop.

 We have reached over 6,000 individual cities, every continent except Antartica and growing.
Thank you from the Family, Steven, Brendan and all involved for the information, financial aid and general outpouring of support.
? We will make some changes together and already have. And in final we are also a bitcoin friendly site and thank you all again.

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