Authorities search for man involved in attempted homicide in Oconto

OCTONTO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police are seeking a man involved in an armed robbery/attempted homicide incident that happened Friday morning, Sept. 3, in Oconto.

Authorities say the suspect is 24-year-old Cody J. Krueger, a 6'4'', 200-pound man with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Oconto police say Krueger has a Swastika tattoo on abdomen, a "Skinhead" tattoo on abdomen, a cross tattoo on left calf, a skull tattoo on left calf, a barbed wire tattoo on left hand/fingers, a Swastika tattoo on left knee, a "High Life" tattoo on left wrist, a "Forever and Always" tattoo on right breast,  a "KRK" tattoo on left forearm, a  "1488" tattoo on left wrist and has both ears pierced.

The attempted homicide and armed robbbery incident occurred on Friday, Sept. 3 at approximately 11:30 a.m. in Oconto, Wisconsin.

Police say that Cody was armed with a small caliber pistol at the time of the event.

Officials indicate that Cody is known to frequent the Algoma area (last known address E6181 Washington Rd Algoma WI).

Oconto police say that current information suggest that he is most likely in Kewaunee or Door County.

Authorities also believe that he may be driving a silver or gray Honda Accord with self painted racing stripes (unk plate or registered owner).

Krueger is believed to be armed and dangerous and has made comments about being willing to "shoot anyone trying to take his freedom away".

Reports say that Krueger is known to drive with a sawed off shot gun pointed at the driver door.

Officials also say he has made comments about suicide by cop.

Krueger reportedly may be in the company of 19-year-old Kyra L Saldana.

Oconto police strongly urge members of the general public to not approach if they spot Krueger.

If Krueger is sighted, police ask citizens to call 911 immediately and move to a safe place.

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