Attorney in 'Slender Man' case asks court to sequester jury

NOW: Attorney in ’Slender Man’ case asks court to sequester jury

Attorneys for one of the suspects in the ‘Slender Man’ case have asked the judge to sequester the jury when the trial begins.

Both Geyser and Annisa Weier are accused of repeatedly stabbing a classmate in the woods to appease the fictional character ‘Slender Man’ in 2014 when they were only 12 years old.

They will be tried separately and as adults.

The attorney for Morgan Geyser said she is concerned jurors could have outside influence and wants them to be kept away from the public during the trial.

Geyser’s attorney referenced the case’s publicity, and said the community will be talking about the trial when it happens this fall.

She concerned a juror could be influenced by third-party opinions, and wants an impartial jury.

The state opposed the request, saying they didn’t think it was necessary.

The judge did say he understood the publicity of the trial, and everything he has seen been reported has been factual and unbiased.

He will take into account the concern about jurors being influenced from third-party.

“I want to review all of those factors and make sure whatever decision the court makes, is one that facilitates a fair trial. One that makes a fair trial that presents a forum for the state and Ms. Geyser that can present their positions in a way that’s forceful and aggressive within the bounds of the court system,” said Honorable Michael Bohren.

A judge will make a decision within the next 2 weeks.

The trials for both girls is expected to begin this fall.

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