"Attacks are becoming more sophisticated" Google warns users about latest version of phishing scam

NOW: “Attacks are becoming more sophisticated“ Google warns users about latest version of phishing scam


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Google is warning users about the latest version of the phishing scam.

Hackers have found a new way to get people to hand over their personal information. The infiltration is called a 'man in the middle' attack.

Criminals send out fake emails and text messages claiming that there's been suspicious activity on their account. If you click on the link, it takes you to a fake login page.

The criminals can see you entering your username and password.

While you're on the fake site, the crooks go to the real one, enter your info, and access your account.

"What we mean by a man in the middle attack is that there's a person or a computer that is intercepting everything that you're typing. So, the challenge is when you receive these urgent messages, you want to take a moment, take a breath, and look more closely," one expert warned.

Experts say you should never click on a link you have doubts about. One warning sign to look for, pay attention to the end of web addresses. If it ends in "T-K" you're being scammed.

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