Astro extras on a clear sky day

A blue sky overhead clears the way to chat Astro extras on this quiet weather day.

Early risers may have caught a glimpse of July‘s full moon. This full moon is known as the buck moon to notate Bucks sprouting their new antlers for the season around this time of the year. It could also be called a thunder moon being in the midst of storm season.

One other notable to pass along about this full moon is its proximity to earth is closer than any other full moon this year, known as the Perigee.

Other celestial wonders include tonight’s sunset before 8:30 for the first time this summer. After a solid month of sunsets after 830 we won’t see that again until June 10 of next year, 331 days from now.

But we’ve got plenty of sun to enjoy on the day and as we move through our warmest days of the year today’s date also holds the warmest overnight low for the month of July. This is known as record high min. We stayed at a balmy 84° overnight on this date back in 1995.

High pressure providing this stretch of clear skies allowing for stargazers to enjoy the full moon, warm day and beautiful sunset will be fading behind increasing clouds tonight. We will be tracking a chance for showers and storms on and off for your Friday, some of which could be on the stronger side. Rainfall amounts look to range from a half to full inch with isolated h if her amounts.

Keep a close watch on forecasts over the next 24 to 36 hours as heavy rain gusty wind and perhaps some hail will all be possible to wrap up the week.

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