Assessment of water damage conducted in Ozaukee County

NOW: Assessment of water damage conducted in Ozaukee County

OZAUKEE COUNTY, WI (CBS 58) – The effects are still being felt from the massive amounts of rainfall that fell in Ozaukee County in late August.

On Monday, early assessments of that damage began.

FEMA along with several local and state agencies went door to door in neighborhoods in Ozaukee County.

“All the information we gather then goes into reports,” explains Gerard Hammink, spokesperson for FEMA. “That will help determine whether this county will be able to qualify for a presidential disaster declaration”.

FEMA, The U.S. Small Business Administration, and other state and local officials have been asking a few questions about the damage they may have received. One of those questions has been whether or not they have flooding insurance.

There are eight different teams that are touring areas just like this one across the state in various counties.

Things that they are looking at include homes, businesses, and local infrastructure.

We spoke with one homeowner who describes the damage her home received after dealing with several inches of rain.

“We just had major water damage,” says Amber Bell, a resident in Ozaukee County. “We had to rip out all of our carpeting. We had personal stuff down there that was damaged.”

Monday was simply the first day assessments. Crews anticipate to be touring the areas of damage through the end of the week.

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