Assembly Passes Bill to Make it Easier to Convict Motorists Driving Under Influence of Heroin

Assembly passed a bill that makes it easier to convict motorists caught driving under the influence of heroin, according to release from Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, R-New Berlin.

“Many people are unaware, but the instant heroin enters your bloodstream it immediately converts to a unique heroin metabolite known as 6-monoacetylmorphine or 6-MAM. While heroin is currently listed as a restricted controlled substance when driving a motor vehicle in Wisconsin, its ability to change properties makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement to prove heroin is in someone’s bloodstream.

By adding 6-MAM to the list of restricted controlled substances, we are giving police and the courts more tools to keep these dangerous drivers off the road.

In addition, Assembly Republicans, led by Rep. John Nygren, also took great strides in fighting against the state’s heroin epidemic by passing several other pieces of legislation as part of the Heroin, Opiate, Prevention, and Education Agenda.”

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