Assembly Democrats vote across party lines for Foxconn

NOW: Assembly Democrats vote across party lines for Foxconn

After just three Democrats in the state assembly voted for -- and helped pass -- the Foxconn incentives bill, others in the party say they're not surprised.

"They did what they had to do," said Rep. Christine Sinicki. 

"They live in that area. They were probably getting tremendous pressure to vote for it," Sinicki said. 

Sinicki, who says she's skeptical about the number of jobs the company will truly bring to Wisconsin, says she doesn't criticize her fellow Democrats for voting that way. 

"People are just, really excited over all these jobs," she said. "I highly doubt it's going to be 13,000 jobs."

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans tell us -- they're glad the bill passed but disappointed in their Democrat colleagues.

"This shouldn't be a republican or democrat issue," said State Senator Van Wanggaard. "This is about jobs and opportunity for so many of our kids." 

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