As matchmaking makes a comeback, meet Milwaukee's matchmaker

NOW: As matchmaking makes a comeback, meet Milwaukee’s matchmaker

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A lot of people looking for love head to a dating app or dating website, but an old-fashioned approach is making a comeback: matchmakers.

Josh and Stephanie Teitelbaum are married with a 3-year-old, and they have one on the way. It took them both a while to find "the one."

"I was meeting lots of people but not quite meeting that right person I wanted to take that step with," said Josh.

Josh and Stephanie each enlisted the help matchmaker Michelle Frankel.

"I was just like clearly at this point I am having trouble doing this on my own, so let me get help from someone who is a professional," said Stephanie.

Frankel is based in New York City, but she attended the same board-certified school as Milwaukee-area matchmaker Shawn Alderton.

"We truly have this intuition it's a calling it is not a career," said Alderton.

A previous executive recruiter, Alderton says she's the only Matchmaking Institute certified matchmaker in the state of Wisconsin, and she offers something different in the age of dating apps.

"People lie about everything under the sun. They lie about their age, weight, employment... and it can turn out to not be a safe situation at times if you're not careful," said Alderton. "Finding love isn't about an algorithm."

Matchmaking isn't as old-fashioned as one may think. It accounts for 12 percent of all dating products and services according to and there are an estimated 1,600 matchmakers in business.

Through Alderton's website,, women can sign up for free, and the cost for men varies.

"I have helped so many different types of people. I've helped people in wheelchairs, people that can't see and a blind... I don't want to hear anyone give excuses," said Alderton. "I truly believe and know there's someone out there for everyone and everyone deserves love."

Alderton says there's a lot of businesses loosely using the term "matchmaker." To make sure you're finding the real deal, look for someone who's certified, but also ask about their experience setting up happy couples.

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