Deer District braces for negative impact as Bucks season put on hold

NOW: Deer District braces for negative impact as Bucks season put on hold

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Downtown Milwaukee bars and restaurants are now bracing for a possible impact on business due to the suspension of the NBA.

Major Goolsby’s said they are preparing for fewer customers since there will be no Bucks games to air.

The Bucks were supposed to play the Celtics Thursday night, but with the NBA suspension, Goolsby’s had to let some staff know they were not needed to come in.

Manager Marty Petricca said they plan to deal with this day by day.

“I mean obviously we don’t want them to be canceling games…one we love the Bucks and two we love our customers and if they aren’t going to be coming down to the games then we’ll have less fans to serve food and drinks to,” Petricca said.

The bar is taking sanitary measures to ensure staff and customers are healthy and is remaining open to serve customers.

In the Deer District, a sign on Good City Brewing’s door let customers know they were closed Thursday because of the canceled Bucks game.

Punch Bowl Social said they're currently evaluating the impacts of coronavirus and recent national updates. “At this time, we cannot comment on what this means for business,” Punch Bowl Social said.

The Mecca Sports Bar and Grill and the Bucks Pro Shop were both open Thursday.

Drink Wisconsinably Pub shared this statement:

“We certainly look forward again to watching arguably the best NBA team of all time. In the meantime, the DW Pub is open and here for the good people to come on in and celebrate life.”
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