Are tougher gun laws needed in Wisconsin

Milwaukee - In the past few weeks, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has been fired up, and stands firm that stronger gun laws are needed in order to prevent more tragedy. Gun violence has plagued the City of Milwaukee in recent weeks. Right now, 10-year-old Sierra Guyton is fighting for her life at Children's Hospital. A stray bullet struck Guyton in the head and leg during a shootout last week near a playground on 28th and Clarke. Police Chief Ed Flynn says stronger gun laws are needed now, more than ever.


In the state of Wisconsin, anyone who doesn't have a felony on their record, could carry a weapon.

There is no requirement for a permit to purchase, to register, to be licensed or a needed permit to carry. Nik Clark who is president and chairman for Wisconsin concealed carry argues the only way to reduce gun **violence is to get more convictions in court.

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