Appleton Mom Saves 18-Month-Old Daughter by Dropping Her out Window to Neighbor During Fire

(WFRV) -- A mother and her daughter are safe after a fire in Appleton Tuesday morning. 

Crews responded to a fire at a townhouse in the 1200 block of Bartell Court at 10:27 a.m. 

Officials say the mother was awakened by her 18-month-old coughing which alerted her of the fire. The mom was said to have broken the bedroom window and began screaming for help.

A neighbor heard her screams and went to see what was happening. The mother was able to drop her daughter out of the second floor window to the neighbor. The neighbor then put cushions on the ground, and the mother was able to safely jump out the window.   

The fire was said to have started when another person was cooking in the kitchen but left to go to the store. 

The mother, daughter and neighbor were all taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The Red Cross is helping the five people who live inside the townhouse. 

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