Anti-Freeze Found in Elementary School Water

Students and teachers at Addison Elementary School in the Slinger School District will not be able to drink from the water fountain anytime soon. Recent water quality tests showed positive samples of anti-freeze in the water. It's unclear how the anti-freeze got into the water, but school officials believe it may have been from a broken pipe in the schools HVAC system.

School administrators have been in contact with parents about the situation. They sent an e-mail and letter to parents saying they would be shutting the water off, and will be offering water bottles to students and staff.

While the levels of anti-freeze are higher than state standards, testing shows the levels are relatively low and pose very low risk if consumed. The school is not taking any chances, and has shut the water off.

The district is working with the DNR, along with state and county health officials to fix the system as soon as possible.

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