Animal Shelters Dealing with one of Busiest Days of the Year

July 5 is typically one of the busiest days for animal shelters. 

Many animals run away during the Fourth of July holiday because of fireworks, and out owners are frantically searching for their pets. 

This is typically the busiest day of the year for animal shelters all across the country with all the lost pets. 

There are currently 6 unclaimed pets still here at the Humane Animal Welfare Society. 

This is been one of their busiest years. 

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is an online nonprofit that tries to reunite dogs with their owners. 

The director said since Saturday they've had more than 100 reports of lost pets, they typically only have 20 reports any given weekend. 

So what you do if your pet is lost besides posting online?

Look thoroughly through at the house, they still may be hiding. 

Walk around the neighborhood. 

If you file a report through lost dogs of Wisconsin they will automatically create a flyer for you to print out. 

They also posted the pictures on Facebook where they have more than 60,000 followers. 

Pobloskie said there is a good chance your pet is still nearby. 

You should also call around to local shelters and veterinarians to see if anyone has dropped them off. 

And be ready with documents if you find them, to pick them up. 

"If you make everything quiet, and you put out scent articles which is something that smells like the dog, somethings that smells like the owner, and some good smelling food at the location where the dog went missing from, many of these dogs will come back on their own,” said Kathy Pobloskie from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.

If you find a pet the best advice is to bring it to a local shelter if you can. 

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