Animal hoarder home exposed, child taken into custody

A Town of Caledonia home was in such horrible condition, police had to remove everyone inside. Fourteen cats and two dogs were taken from the house on Mary Drew Drive. According to police reports, cat and dog feces, hair, urine, and vomit were found on nearly every surface of the home. Litter boxes overflowed and dirty dishes were scattered throughout. Neighbors say police entered the home with masks and gloves on. One neighbor who didn't want to be named was relieved.

\"I'm just so glad that somebody got into that house, I've been very concerned,\" she said.

Randolph Zich, 53, and Yvonne Peterson-Zich, 48, now face animal mistreatment and child neglect charges. Their teenage son was also removed from the home because of the conditions. Those animals were taken to Racine Humane Society. Unfortunately one dog was in such poor condition, he had to be put down. The family has been given until march 26th to get the home cleaned.



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