Analysts weigh in on Foxconn's impact on Wisconsin

NOW: Analysts weigh in on Foxconn’s impact on Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – Questions over Foxconn's commitment to Wisconsin remain and some analysts are skeptical about the company's plans.

Foxconn's future in Wisconsin remains blurry but questions maintain that the company's impact on the state will have a positive effect.

Still, people with knowledge of the industry believe that the shifting details of the plans that have surrounded the deal for the past couple of years won't end any time soon. Bob O'Brien, an industry expert, says Wisconsin officials should be expecting more specifics from Foxconn.

"One of the things that makes me a little skeptical about their plans is the lack of detail. If they say they're going forward with a Gen 6, then I would take them at their word, but we haven't seen any other evidence of that happening. Things like equipment orders or more detailed plans like specific timing of when they would start mass production," said

Officials with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation say their position is still the same, saying Foxconn remains committed to Wisconsin.

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