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An 81-year-old Cancer Survivor skydives on her 10th Anniversary being cancer-free

Anna Mae Mliner celebrated her ten year anniversary being cancer-free. After she was diagnosed back in 2007, Mliner has tandem skydived 14 times. 

“The freedom of just the euphoria of being one with the sky,” said Mliner.

She wanted to go skydiving before her operation but things didn't work out. When she found out she was cancer-free back in 2008, she decided to go skydiving for the first time.

 “It was the scariest thing I could do that would compare to hearing the words you have cancer," said Mliner. 

She spends time here at the Wisconsin Skydiving Center with the people she calls family.

“She is like family now. She comes in and hangs out. She just loves the energy here and we love her here. It’s like a long lasting friendship," said Owner Bo Babovic. 

When she skydives, she wears the same suit she wore the first time she jumped and she carries a list. 

It's a list of family and friends who passed away from cancer and those who are still fighting. 

 “Don’t wait to do the things you want to do," said Mliner. 

Anna Mae's birthday is coming up in August.

She said she plans on spending her 82nd birthday doing what she loves most, skydiving. 

For more information, vist: http://wisconsinskydivingcenter.com/

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