Amtrak announces free wi-fi on Hiawatha train

MILWAUKEE -- Amtrak officials announce the introduction of free wi-fi on their Hiawatha trains during a time where they enjoy record ridership. Officials also commented on delays and cancellations they are working through.

On February 9th passengers were stuck on the train for hours. They've also had problems with delays going into Chicago in the early mornings. Amtrak cites continued improvement over the last five to seven years calling recent problems a learning experience.

Amtrak Rep. Marc Magliari says, \"Extreme cold does affect everything that moves whether it's you, the trains, your car or anything else. We've been working through some of those issues. Some of those rail cars have toilet and water systems and despite everyone's best effort to protect those against freezing.\"

The wi-fi announcement won't affect Amtrak pricing either, tickets for the Hiawatha line are still $24.

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