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Always A Bright Beacon of Light above The Gas Light Building

Milwaukee -

It's Milwaukee's own eternal flame and it sits atop the Gas Light Building 250 feet above the ground. You've probably seen it in any given night. And in case you didn't know it changes color depending on the upcoming weather the next day.

I was fortunate enough to get a first hand view of what you see at the top as well as what's inside the iconic structure.  Also, I got a lesson on how they actually operate.

In case you were wondering, 32 LED lights illuminate the flame.  Those with the project say it will be years before they burn out.  Also, the rest of the building, located at 626 East Wisconsin Avenue, is lit up in different themed colors, like Packers green and gold or holiday green and red.  

At one time, tours were offered, but they no longer are.

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