Allergy sufferers finding relief with cryotherapy

NOW: Allergy sufferers finding relief with cryotherapy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There's a new procedure to help people with allergies or frequent runny noses. 

Marie Stazzone was looking for a solution. 

"I wouldn't even be here. I couldn't even go by the park. It was just too much."

Her year-round allergies were causing problems. 

"It was just a constant barrage of just being stuffed up with the sore throat and the nasal drip. Not being able to breathe, massive headaches," Stazzone said. 

She tried every over-the-counter allergy medication and none worked. So her doctored recommended she try a cryotherapy called ClariFix

"I've been very, very happy with the procedure."

Dr. Hilel Swerdlin is an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor who specializes in sinus, snoring, and allergies. He has offices in Oak Creek and Kenosha where he's been using ClariFix since February 2018. 

"We've done over 200 procedures with great success." Dr. Swerdlin said. 

He calls it a revolutionary procedure. 

"This procedure is used for patients that have runny nose that sometimes doesn't respond to any treatments, nasal sprays, or allergy pills. Sometimes runny nose after you're eating or exercising, it can also take place if you have allergies," Dr. Swerdlin said. 

Physicians use a device that fits inside the nose and has a little canister of liquid nitrogen. Once inside the nose, a bag inflates and freezes the lining of the nose and the nerves. 

"When those nerves become crazy, so to speak, they start sending signals to the lining of the nose to start sending excessive mucus," Dr. Swerdlin explained. 

The procedure only lasts about 30 seconds on each side and Dr. Swerdlin says it can have a lasting impact. 

"In one year, pretty much four out of five patients had continued success," Dr. Swerdlin said. 

In terms of side effects, Dr. Swerdlin says they are very mild. Sometimes patients get a little congestion that lasts a day or so or sometimes there's a headache that goes away in a few hours.

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