All eyes on later this week for more winter weather

There's a lot of hustle and bustle going on this week as most folks are rushing around to get everything done before Christmas!  Of course, the weather MIGHT hamper some of that as a storm system arrives later this week.

Full disclosure, there remains a lot of uncertainty with the computer models with this next system for Thursday into Friday.  The track is still up in the air and very much in question.  The storm system will continue to move into the Pacific Northwest over the next 12 hours, so that should allow for better model sampling as we go into Tuesday and Wednesday.

Take a look at the graphic above.   A storm like this is all about where the track sets up.  The first solution has the low further north to move into southern Wisconsin.  If this will happens, the heaviest snow will stay north of our area, and we deal with more of a true mix turning to snow for Friday.

The second track is the one to watch for heavy snow across southeastern Wisconsin for Thursday and Friday.  A low that moves across central Illinois puts the snow sweet spot right across the Milwaukee metro.

Right now we just don't know how this will come together.  I think it's important to realize that there could be travel issues Thursday into Friday; however, a lot will change will happen from now to then with the track.  What looks pretty good is a surge of the coldest air of the season Christmas Day into the middle of next week.

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