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All citizens in Ryder, North Dakota get motorcycle riding licenses thanks to Harley Davidson

Everyone in one North Dakota town is getting trained to ride, all thanks to Harley.

The mayor of Ryder, North Dakota was in Milwaukee presenting Bill Davidson with the key to the city.

Harley picked Ryder because of its name, showed up, and taught every citizen how to ride.

The 84 people in the town, from grandparents to grandchildren, are now able to get out on the open road.

"I didn't think it was possible half the people didn't even know who Harley Davidson was, and had never seen a Harley Davidson motorcycle."

"Motorcycling is such an awesome sport because the things around you are exaggerated, nature, the sounds, the feels, the wind in your face."

The Mayor of Ryder says he just bought a Harley Trike and says it's a great feeling to take a ride.  

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