All 3 fire and police commissioner nominees move toward common council approval

NOW: All 3 fire and police commissioner nominees move toward common council approval

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Public Safety and Health Committee got the chance to review Mayor Tom Barrett's three picks and make their recommendations. All three nominees were approved for the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission at City Hall Thursday, June 24. 

The nominees are LaNelle Ramey, Ed Fallone and Joan Kessler.

First, they told the committee about themselves and answered questions from members. 

"I'm retired but if this is something that I can do to help the city that I have grown to love," said mayoral appointee Joan Kessler

"When I think about service, when I think about trying to have a change, the best way is to step up," said mayoral appointee LaNelle Ramey. 

"For the last 30 years, I've focused on giving back to the Latino community," said Ed Fallone. 

One role of the Fire and Police Commission is to choose new police and fire chiefs. 

Kessler brought that up after it was suggested the commission is dragging its feet hiring a new police chief.   

"In fairness to the commission, there was a problem that has been going on for not quite 45 days yet but close to it. It's a practical matter that prevents the city from hiring someone when they may have to reinstate the chief," said Kessler. 

Concerns were raised, not about the candidates, but who they'll replace. 

Three mayoral appointees would fill a vacant seat and replace the two current commission leaders whose terms expire next month. 

That vacant seat was created by the resignation of former Commission Chairman Steven Devougas. 

The appointments do not fill a seat that's been vacant since 2018. 

"The individual I think you're referring to is Ann Wilson. I think the mayor feels strongly that she is a good voice of the community and adds a lot of value to the community. There needs to a be a real solid replacement to fill that void," said Jodie Tabak, chief of staff for the Office of Mayor Tom Barrett. 

Residents can participate in a meeting this Saturday, June 26, where all three appointees will answer questions from community members. You can register to attend and participate in that meeting. 

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