Alderman Zielinski releases strategy after Miltown Throwdown

After the Miltown Throwdown motorcycle crash, Alderman Zielinski met with the Milwaukee Police Department, City of Attorney, and the Department of Public Works to come up with a strategy to for these situations.
\"The Miltown Throwdown demonstrated that there is another side to motorcycle culture. Individuals associated with this event blocked traffic, drove recklessly, damaged property and otherwise made themselves a public nuisance. I witnessed a few of these incidents and did what I could to prevent further harm, but I also decided then and there to do what I could to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again,\" said Zielinski in a statement.
Zielinski's strategy is:
1.  Those individuals already identified as having interfered with law enforcement will be prosecuted.
2.  Legislation will be introduced on September 1 to make participation in an not permitted gathering punishable by a forfeiture of up to $500.
3.  Zielinski will be working with local law enforcement to ensure that they are prepared to react to any future events organized.
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