Alderman Seeks to Make Stiffer Penalties for Violent Crimes

Alderman Tony Zielinski plans to introduce legislation that would ask the state legislature to stiffen Wisconsin’s criminal penalties for violent crimes.

 “The cold-blooded killing of an upstanding community member like Ziggy dramatizes the need to keep violent criminals off the street,” Alderman Zielinski said. “If the perpetrators of these types of crimes were locked up behind bars where they belong instead of prowling our neighborhoods, Ziggy and many other innocent victims might still be with us today.”

 All five of the suspects in the Zyszkiewicz murder and carjacking attempt had extensive criminal histories, Alderman Zielinski said, including charges related to armed robbery, carjacking, assault and battery, weapons, drugs and resisting an officer.

 “We’re not talking about harmless nonviolent offenders,” Alderman Zielinski said. “While steps are needed to reform the judicial system so prison cells aren’t wasted on people who don’t belong there, we need tougher laws to deal with both adults and juveniles who have a demonstrated history of violence.

Alderman Zielinski’s resolution will be introduced at the next meeting of the Common Council’s Judiciary and Legislation Committee on April 10.

Alderman Zielinski said he will be introducing legislation that directs the city’s Department of Administration to create a plan that would provide city workers whose duties take them into dangerous neighborhoods with devices that can summon emergency assistance at the touch of a button.

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