Alderman says WE Energies is greedy; Company wants fairness

MILWAUKEE -- Wednesday morning Alderman Tony Zeilinski introduced a resolution expressing the city's concern over proposed rate increases and fees renewable energy like solar power.

Zeilinski said it is pure greed on the part of WE Energies.

The resolution was sent to the judiciary committee for further discussion later in Septermber.

We Energies has proposed a rate increase for 2015-2016 of around five percent.

They also want to  increase the facilities charge from $9 to $16 per month (or from 30 cents to 52.6 cents per day) for residential and some small commercial customers.

The energy provider is proposing that customers who generate their own energy should:

  • Pay a standby charge for having our energy on-demand.

  • Help pay for their use of the electric grid.

  • Receive a comparable market rate when selling excess power to We Energies.

The argument bu WE Energies is that they want a level playing field for all of their customers.

As it stands now they, according to the company, those who generate their own energy contribute less money to the overall electric grid.

Zeilinski said that these propositions will hurt the economy and the environment.


Now through September 23, 2014: Send public comments on rate case

September 24, 2014, 9:30 am: Public Hearing Session, Madison

December 2014: Decision expected from Public Service Commission

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