Alderman proposes asking for federal funding to address violence

Alderman Joe Davis plans to take a position to allocate federal funding to address the ongoing crisis of poverty and violence here in the City of Milwaukee. 
He will announce his plans on Monday at the Community and Economic Development Committee meeting.
\"The surge of violence here in Milwaukee is unacceptable, and we have allowed it to get out of control. My proposal takes a bold approach to fund our solid community partners who have given it their all every year with the same, or worse yet, reduced funding,\" said Davis in a press release. 
His proposal would increase funding to Neighborhood Strategic Planning organizers by $10,000 each so that they can fight the increase in violence head-on, using city resources to augment their street smarts. 
This proposal will also include an additional $15,000 to each NSP coordinating agency for outreach and organization of block watches and neighborhood associations. 
Davis is proposing increasing funding to Safe & Sound. 
He, also, proposes Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation through Special Economic Development category, to concentrate on blighted retail corridors abandoned businesses. Criteria would be used to address the Business Improvement Districts’ needs by recruiting new, or existing, businesses back into the area.
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