Alderman Donovan Responds to Abele's "Asinine" Comment

Alderman Bob Donovan issued a statement on Milwaukee County Executive's comment that the public safety action plan was asinine. 

Abele is critical of the report from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan’s Public Safety Committee. 

Monday, Abele made it clear he doesn’t like what Donovan’s committee came up with.

He says the recommendations in the report will cost a couple hundred million dollars between the city and the county.

Abele said, “The implication of all the recommendations in the Public Safety Committee report would result in more African Americans being incarcerated. And that’s not something I support at all, I think it’s asinine.”

Here is Donovan's statemnent:

Typically I would not comment on an individual who over the years I’ve given little thought to, but since as reported last night on the CBS 58 newscast, County Executive Abele referred to the Common Council’s proposed Public Safety Action Plan as “asinine” I feel compelled to do so.

Let me begin by saying this: The Public Safety Committee that I chair was charged with the responsibility of reviewing, analyzing and making recommendations to improve policing and the criminal justice system within the City of Milwaukee. No more, no less.

Period. End of story.

That’s what we were asked to do and that’s precisely what we delivered on. Plans involving jobs and economic development, youth programming, education, and community engagement will be forthcoming.

Now I can certainly understand the County Executive’s desire to deep six this plan because it sadly points out some glaring deficiencies in his own administration. But to call the plan “asinine” is a bit overboard.

So, let’s take a deep breath, a step back, and a closer look.

Is it “asinine” to want to hold criminals accountable for their own criminal behavior? Is it “asinine” to want more beat cops patrolling our neighborhoods on foot or bike? These same officers -- day in and day out -- getting to know the very people they are protecting and vice versa. After all, studies indicate there is no better way to improve police-community relations.

Is it “asinine” to want a local, better managed secure detention facility for our youth as an alternative to Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake?

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