Ald. Johnson introduces new memorial ordinance

NOW: Ald. Johnson introduces new memorial ordinance

Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson introduced an ordinance to the Public Works Committee Wednesday morning about roadside memorials.

Johnson says several of his constituents have voiced concerns after memorials have drawn large crowds night after night following a recent tragedy.

He says in one case a woman and her child have not been able to sleep because of noise from people at a memorial late at night.

Johnson says he understands people want and need to grieve, but there also needs to be peace for those who live nearby.

“We want folks to be able to assemble and mourn those who have lost. But at the same time we have to respect people who live in our neighborhoods and hopefully at some point, steer people out of neighborhoods and into the actual resting place where people are,” Johnson said.

His proposed ordinance would require DPW crews to remove memorials after 10 days.

Alderman James Bohl said the current ordinance on this issue is “a bit mushy.”

Aldermen Bob Donovan and Bob Bauman voiced concern and said they did not like the wording the proposed ordinance and says it should be a joint decision between Milwaukee Police, DPW, neighbors, and local alderperson.

The committee placed the item on file and will revisit it at a later date.

Alderman Johnson tells CBS 58 says he will work on rewording the ordinance in the meantime.

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